There are 24 hours left to sign up to vote on whether Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour leader

People can sign up to vote without joining the party

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There are 24 hours left for people who want to vote in the Labour leadership election to sign up to do so.

It costs £3 to sign up as a supporter, a scheme established by the party to allow a broader section of the electorate to vote.

This is separate from joining the party as a member but allows you to vote for its leader.

Only people who sign up before Wednesday 12 August are elegible to vote.

Anyone who wants to sign up can do so HERE.

Those who sign up must agree that they support the aims and values of the Labour party.

The deadline comes as a YouGov poll released on Monday night showed Jeremy Corbyn with a huge lead over his opponents.

According to a breakdown in the poll, many people from outside the party have been inspired to sign up in order to vote for him - though he also has a large lead with existing members.


But figures in the party establishment have warned against voting for Mr Corbyn.

Former PM Tony Blair said last month the left-winger's politics were "the Tory preference" while Alastair Campbell called for people to sign up specifically to vote against him.

Voting will begin this weekend for all registered supporters and members; it will be possible to vote online.

Registering as a supporter also allows you to vote in the deputy leadership contest and, for Londoners, the London mayoral election contest.

The results of the ballot will be announced at a special conference in September.