Watch: Ed Miliband is 'too good for this f***ing country' - fan of former Labour leader swears live on TV

Creator of @CoolEdMiliband Twitter account, which helped spark the 'Milifandom' trend, is unlikely to be appearing on TV again anytime soon

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Why did Ed Miliband fail to lead Labour to victory at the election?

Because he's "too good for this f***ing country," according to the guy who set up @CoolEdMiliband. Richard Biggs photoshopped the former Labour leader's head onto the bodies of famous actors as part of the 'Milifandom' trend during the election campaign.

Appearing live on TV on BBC 2's Daily Politics Show alongside the 17-year-old girl Abby Tomlinson, who started the Milifandom craze, Mr Biggs discussed why Mr Miliband led Labour to its worst election performance in nearly 30 years, despite the help of the pair's online campaigns.

But he is unlikely to be invited back on TV anytime soon, after he gave this expletive explanation:

Presenter Andrew Neil swiftly apologised to viewers of the lunchtime TV show and urged Mr Biggs to do the same. "Yes, I'd like to apologise - I shouldn't have sworn - it was very bad of me," he said.

Voters remain very grateful to Mr Biggs however, as he was responsible for giving us much-needed light relief during an otherwise dull election campaign.