Watch Ed Miliband reveal how his son brought him crushing down to earth by telling him: 'You used to be famous'

Former Labour leader makes his first speech in the House of Commons since election defeat

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In his first speech in the House of Commons since Labour's crushing election defeat, Ed Miliband revealed how his son brought him crashing down to earth by telling him: "You used to be famous".

The former Labour leader said he had found "small consolations" of losing the election, chief among them being able to spend more time with his family.

But if he wanted to forget the fact that he had led Labour to its worst election performance for nearly 30 years, his eldest son - six-year-old Daniel - was not going to allow him to.

Ed Miliband backbenches.jpg
Ed Miliband speaks for the first time from the backbenches since 2007

“In the time since the general election I can report to the House that I have found some small consolations of losing," he told MPs. "Spending time with my two boys who feel that they have their dad back.

"Though I confess that my eldest, who’s just turned six, did bring me further down to earth last week. He suddenly turned to me out of the blue and said: 'Dad, if there’s a fire at our house I think we'll be ok'.

"I said 'why’s that Daniel?'

"He said, 'if we ring the fire brigade, they’ll recognise your name because you used to be famous'.

"'Thanks very much,' I said."

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