Watch: PFL - Nigel Farage's code word for 'proper f***ing lunches'

Former aide Raheem Kassam reveals boozy lunches with Ukip leader often involve 'three or four bottles' of wine

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A former Ukip aide has revealed the worst-kept secret in British politics: Nigel Farage enjoys "proper f***ing lunches".

And his team has a secret "Farageism" code they use when they fancy one - 'PFL'. It involves "three or four bottles" of wine but said he only enjoys such a lunch once a week, on average.

Raheem Kassem, who served as a senior adviser to Mr Farage during the election campaign, threw light on the internal row that sent Ukip into civil war after the election, when the party's only MP Douglas Carswell was accused of briefing anonymously against Mr Farage staying on as leader.

Mr Kassem, who left the party after Patrick O'Flynn blamed him for turning Mr Farage into a "snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive man," said Mr Carswell did not "fit" in Ukip.

"There's no doubt Douglas is a very intelligent man," he told BBC Newsnight. "I just don't think he fits into a political party.

“I think he sees Ukip as being an independent. Whereas actually the way to be independent is to sit as as an independent MP.

"I don't think he is willing to play the sort of push and pull you have to in a political party. I don't think he's really managed to fit in anywhere in Ukip."

He added that Ukip lacked experienced personnel in the press office who knew enough about election rules and the party was at times in danger of breaking purdah.

Mr Kassam also told the Guardian that Ukip was full of "rag-tag, unprofessional, embarrassing people" and “mess because there’s no discipline”. He described Ukip's HQ as "like a f***ing playground".