Watch Yvette Cooper try (and fail) to convince a Jeremy Corbyn voter to change her mind

Labour leadership hopeful takes on one of her critics directly

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With Jeremy Corbyn having galvanised the Labour leadership contest and gone from 100/1 rank outsider to odds-on favourite, the other three mainstream candidates have finally decided to take him on directly.

And that includes taking on his supporters directly too. The Independent sat one of the many Corbynites down with Yvette Cooper to see if she could convince her to change her mind.

Amy, a 29-year-old from Cheshire who looks after children with special needs, is one of the many younger voters who have been won over by Corbyn’s straight-talking agenda.

She grilled Cooper on her decision not to oppose the Government’s Work and Welfare Reform Bill, her defence of tuition fees and Corbyn’s ability to identify with young voters alienated by career politicians like Cooper.