'We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Boston': David Cameron visits marathon bomb blast memorial site on US visit


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David Cameron declared today that Londoners stood “shoulder to shoulder” with the people of Boston as he visited the site of last month’s marathon bomb blast.

He spoke of his pride over the show of solidarity between the two cities as London marathon competitors paid tribute to the victims of the Boston double blast.

The Prime Minister said: “I'm here to tell Bostonians that Londoners, like all Britons, stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

“Thousands of London Marathon runners spoke for us all in their tribute to those who lost their lives - in the silence observed by tens of thousands and the hundreds of messages of support carried on running vests round London's streets.”

Mr Cameron added: “For those who seek to try and disrupt our way of life, our message is clear: be it Boston or London, we will be strong.”

He was speaking ahead of a trip to the site of the April 15 explosions which killed three marathon spectators and injured more than 260 people.

The 2013 London marathon took place six days later amid heightened security. It began with a 30-second silence for all runners, while many wore black ribbons in memory of the dead.

Mr Cameron added a stop in Boston to his US itinerary following the blasts. He was today meeting members of the city’s emergency services and visiting Copley Square, where thousands of running shoes, messages and soft toys have been left in memory of the dead and injured.

Yesterday he became the first British serving Prime Minister to visit the FBI operations centre in Washington, from where the hunt for the bombers was conducted.

Mr Cameron, who was accompanied by the new MI5 chief Andrew Parker, has said he wants to see whether Britain can learn any lessons from the response to Boston atrocity.

Following a meeting with Mr Cameron yesterday, President Barack Obama thanked the London marathon runners for dedicating the race to the Boston victims.