Westminster Bridge to be 'occupied' by UK Uncut

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UK uncut plans to "occupy" one of central London's most famous landmarks on 8 October, in protest against Government plans to restructure the NHS.

It will be the anti-cuts group's first major demonstration since almost 150 activists were arrested for occupying Fortnum & Mason in March.

UK Uncut said it expects at least 1,000 supporters from around the country to "block" Westminster Bridge three days before the Coalition's contested Health and Social Care Bill passes through the House of Lords for its second reading. UK Uncut told The Independent the act would be one of "mass civil disobedience", symbolising their desire to "block the Bill from getting from Parliament to our hospitals".

In a message to supporters entitled: "Block the bridge, Block the Bill", the group have asked participants to dress up in scrubs, bring fake blood, play dead and perform pretend operations.