What life would be like under a Labour government - according to David Cameron


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David Cameron has painted a scary picture of what life would be like under a Labour government. His words were aimed as much at anyone thinking of voting Ukip as at Labour supporters.

It would be a “terrible irony” if voters worried about immigration and Britain’s EU membership let Labour in by voting Ukip, when the Tories will offer restricted immigration and a referendum on Europe.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, the Prime Minister claimed: “A Labour Britain hardly bears thinking about. Imagine: the international markets wincing as the British government racks up more debt; interest rates and mortgage rates going up; businesses crushed under punishing taxes; jobs leaving our shores; the unions back in Downing Street; diktats and bureaucratic schemes raining down on our schools and hospitals; the sense of a great nation slipping back into decline.”

“All Labour offers is more of the same: more spending, more borrowing, more debt, more taxes. And Ed Miliband does not just have the wrong policies; he has the wrong priorities. In his big conference address, he forgot to mention the critical national task of reducing the deficit. I know the demands of this job, and that is just one glaring warning sign that he is not equal to them.”