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Mr Blair will fly into the storm over Sir Michael Jay's leaked memo warning that Britain faces a heightened terror threat because of its policy in Iraq, contradicting the Prime Minister's insistence that the invasion is unrelated to the attacks on London. He will also face the row over attempts to expel foreign "preachers of hate" living in Britain and continued concern over the aftermath of the London terror attacks.

Industrial relations

Union leaders will use the TUC and Labour Party conference to demand new commitments on workers' rights in the wake of the summer Gate Gourmet dispute. The agenda for the Trades Union Congress includes highly critical motions on public sector pension rights, civil service job cuts and privatision of public services.

Public services

Union leaders and left-wing MPs are threatening a renewed dispute over flagship policies such as the expansion of controversial foundation hospitals and independent city academies in the state education sector. An Education White Paper is due in the autumn, and will outline an increased role for private sector organisation in the state education system, while Blairite cabinet ministers have been pressing the case for consumer choice and the acceptance of private profit.


The outcome of the negotiations over the Iraqi constitution will be an important turning point for Mr Blair, who wants to show democratic progress to quell continuing criticism over the war and its aftermath.

Critics of the war have pointed to the destablising effects of the continuing insurgency in Iraq, which has fuelled claims that the war has left Iraq as a crucible for international terror.

International relations

Mr Blair, as president of the European Union, will fly back into efforts to resolve the bitter "bra wars" trade dispute with China. Mr Blair has a hectic schedule of foreign visits. He will be in the United Kingdom for only a few days before he has to leave to take part - as holder of the European Union's rotating presidency - in an EU-China summit in Beijing and an EU-India summit in Delhi. The Prime Minister is also scheduled to attend the United Nations world summit in New York.