Whips to deny blame for leak

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GOVERNMENT whips are preparing to repudiate the Scotland Yard inquiry if they are blamed today for leaking details of the bizarre death of Stephen Milligan, the Tory MP for Eastleigh, Hampshire, writes Colin Brown.

The police are due to disclose the results of the inquiry, which was launched following allegations by Tory MPs that the police working on the case leaked information about the body, which was discovered in the MP's west London home, wearing women's stockings with a black plastic bag over the head and a cord around the neck.

Details of the tragedy were circulating at Westminster within hours of the body being found.

The police are believed to have found no one in the police force responsible for the leaking of the details, which caused outrage among Tory MPs and hurt among family and friends. They are reported to have concluded that the leaks may have come from the Tory MPs.

However, the whips angrily denied last night they were responsible for the details, which filtered through the members' lobby from journalists. All the whips were able to do was to confirm it was believed to be Mr Milligan's body.