Whitehall leak shows plans for seven separate Brexit bills

Separate legislation for each sector of government and the wider economy will drastically increase the potential for Parliament in influence the outcome of Brexit

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Replacing laws and regulations currently provided by Brussels will require seven separate Brexit bills covering specific sectors of government and the wider economy. 

A list of provisional legislation, leaked to The Times, shows separate bills having been prepared on immigration, tax, agriculture, trade and customs regimes, fisheries, data protection and sanctions.

Theresa May’s plans for a great repeal bill, transposing EU law into UK law are expected to appear in this year’s Queen’s speech, but separate acts of parliament will increase the potential for MPs and peers to shape the UK’s post Brexit settlement.

A further six bills could also be required, on EU migrant benefits, reciprocal healthcare arrangements, road freight, nuclear safeguards, emissions trading and the redistributing of funds from UK-based EU-funded projects to specific departments.

In most cases, the legislation will need to be in place by the time the UK leaves the European Union, which is expected to have occurred by March 2019.