Zac Goldsmith's on-air row with Jon Snow

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Indy Politics

The Tory MP Zac Goldsmith engaged in a furious on-air row with the Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow last night over an investigation into his general election campaign spending.

Mr Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park, repeated denials that he had done anything wrong – insisting he had followed the same practices in declaring campaign funds as every other MP. The allegations are being assessed by the Electoral Commission.

A dossier prepared by Channel 4 News and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism suggested that sums on invoices for campaign materials did not match the figures submitted in Mr Goldsmith's spending returns.

But interviewed by Snow, the MP angrily refused to talk about the spending claims unless the presenter first apologised for what he said were "lies" about him declining to appear on Thursday night. The argument only ended when Mr Goldsmith agreed to Snow's suggestion that he complain to Ofcom.