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Britain's latest lottery multi-millionaire reads the Sun and People, watches satellite television films, has three children and lives in the North of England, according to the lottery organisers, Camelot. The bad news for tabloid newspapers trying to buyhis story is that he now probably has enough to buy them.

Although richer by £17,880,003 - a record pay-out in the UK, but still below the $111,240,463 and 10 cents (about £71.3m) paid out in the United States in the 1993 Powerball lottery - the British winner has disappointed the National Lottery organisers bychoosing to remain anonymous.

Just before 5pm yesterday, Camelot announced that almost £18m would be making its way to a family in the North of England. Reporters had already placed their bets at 42 different addresses throughout the UK. Mobile telephones and bleepers erupted, follo

w ed by a manic search for the "golden doorstep" as the elusive address was now being dubbed. Dewsbury, in North Yorkshire, emerged as an early "golden" favourites.

Camelot revealed the family had chosen their numbers "at random" on Saturday and, while watching the live BBC lottery show, learnt their lives were about to change. According to a Camelot spokesman, "the caller couldn't believe it at first, but then he burst into tears".

The winner was a regular football pools player, once collecting almost £200. His immediate plans last night? First, a donation to his favourite charity. Second, organise a holiday.

David Rigg, Camelot communications director, said they had expressed the wish to get on with their lives - without publicity and should "have their right to privacy" respected. However, some tabloid newspapers were offering £10,00 for information leadingto the right doorstep.