PRISONS IN CRISIS: Escapees `extremely dangerous'

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The three men who escaped from Parkhurst are all considered extremely dangerous.

Keith Rose, a computer company director, was jailed for life in 1991 for murdering Juliet Rowe, the wife of a supermarket owner, at her home at Budleigh Salterton, Devon, in 1981.

He shot her dead in a bungled kidnapping attempt but remained at large for eight years, until he was caught in 1989 for kidnapping and holding the son of a food tycoon, Victor Cracknell, for a £1m ransom.

Mr Cracknell was kidnapped at gunpoint at his home near Guildford and tied up. But he managed to free himself after five days and Surrey police arrested Rose. Detectives in Devon reopened the investigation into 42-year-old Mrs Rowe's murder. He was jail e d for the murder in 1991 while already serving 15 years for kidnapping.

Rose was described by police as 6ft with a long, grey, extremely unkempt beard. He is of medium build and has brown eyes and brown receding hair.

Matthew Williams, who studied microbiology and genetics at Leeds University, was detained for life after admitting 11 charges including arson, theft and conspiracy to cause explosions.

A jury was told that he placed a nail bomb in a crowded street in Liverpool. He also tried to poison his family. He was described as a "gifted student who so hated the human race that he set out to destroy it", at the time of his trial in 1989.

Williams is 6ft 1in, with short black hair and a slight build. His blue eyes are sunk into his head and he has a soft voice with a Merseyside accent.

Andrew Rodger was jailed for life in 1987 after he told the Old Bailey he "went beserk" when he attacked a John Garrett, 54, a nightwatchman, with a crowbar after being caught trying to steal from vending machines in Ilford, east London. He was describedis 5ft 7in, very stocky, with blue eyes and speaks with a quiet Scottish accent.