Protest as rapist is given leave near victim's home

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A CONVICTED rapist is being allowed weekend leave to his home within a few miles of his young victim after serving less than five years of a 14-year sentence, writes Andrew Gliniecki.

The father of the victim, who was just nine when she was first sexually abused and was then raped when she was 12, said: 'It cannot be right that he's allowed to come back and live so near. My daughter is still trying to recover from what he did to her.'

The girl, now 18, lives at Llanelli, Dyfed, near the village of Burry Port, where 32-year-old Tony Jones has been staying on weekend home leave.

When Jones was jailed in November 1988 at Swansea Crown Court the judge in the case, Mr Justice Roch, said: 'It is difficult to conceive of a worse case of sexual abuse of a young girl. The girl must know that while she is growing into a woman you will not be around to interfere with her.' Jones admitted rape and other sex offences over four years.

The authorities decided to give him home leave as preparation for permanent release.

Members of the girl's family said they were distressed that Jones had been allowed to return to the area and called for an end to his home leave.