Railtrack spends pounds 60,000 on mock accident to underline dangers to road users of taking risks at crossings

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A CAR taking the full force of a train yesterday at a level crossing near Northallerton, North Yorkshire. No one was injured as the accident was staged, at a cost of pounds 60,000, to drive home the dangers to motorists of dodging level crossing barriers. Aidan Nelson, director of Railtrack North East, said motorists regularly put their own life and those of others at risk. An average of 29 cars a year were involved in accidents on crossings nationally, he said.

The 64-ton Sprinter train thundered into the side of a red Vauxhall Astra at 36mph. The car was parked on the crossing. The impact pushed the car more than 100 yards down the line, spraying debris along the side of the track. The vehicle ended up crumpled beneath the train and the two front buffers punched out its passenger windows. Mr Nelson said the cost of staging the crash was small compared to the bill for accidents at crossings.

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