Rape trial man 'was incapable'

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A SOUTH African cricketer accused of raping a woman in a field at the Henley Regatta was unable to have sex after drinking all day, Oxford Crown Court was told yesterday.

Sandra Stanfield, for the defence, said Mark Bredell, 21, who denies rape, 'had been drinking from 11am until 4pm in the afternoon' and was not physically able to initiate intercourse. 'We all know the flesh in that area is very weak. Mark Bredell had a perfect example of brewer's droop.'

Mr Bredell, who was on a six-month sporting exchange at Henley Cricket Club, had spent last 4 July selling car parking and raffle tickets.

He later met the 20-year-old woman on a towpath by the river Thames and offered to show her a quick route to the regatta funfair. Robert Spencer-Bernard, for the prosecution, told the court that Mr Bredell then pulled the woman down and raped her. The case continues today.