Readers reveal their TV viewing habits

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A HARD-NOSED Scottish detective, a hospital drama and the life of the heir to the throne were the three most popular subjects on television for Independent readers in June, a new survey reveals, writes Glenda Cooper.

In a profile of Independent readers based on viewing habits in June 1994, the advertising consultancy Media Audits suggests that they prefer the BBC to ITV, and watch more Channel 4 than most other broadsheet readers.

Although the paper is not known for extensive coverage of royal stories, the programme most popular with Independent readers in June was Jonathan Dimbleby's ITV documentary Charles: the Private Man, the Public Role, which was seen by 25 per cent of readers. Next most popular was BBC1's Cardiac Arrest (23 per cent), followed by ITV's Taggart (22 per cent).

ITV made a poor showing, with 64.6 per cent of Independent readers describing themselves as 'light' viewers of the channel, a figure echoed by the other broadsheets. Times readers have more satellite dishes than Independent or Guardian readers.

But large numbers of Independent readers enjoy soaps: BBC 1's EastEnders made it into the Independent June top 10 with ITV's Coronation Street close behind.