Red card for footballer who ignored legal advice

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A FOOTBALLER told by a judge to watch Gary Lineker videos in an effort to clean up his game was sent off in the first match of the new season.

Earlier this month, Judge John Prosser urged Ian Jolosa, 28, to copy the fair play of the former England captain, but his advice fell on deaf ears and the player was given his marching orders yesterday for charging and kicking a goalkeeper.

Mr Jolosa, of Cwmbran, Gwent, said: 'It is bad being the first player sent off in the new league - but I was a marked man right from the start. The ref told my manager before the game to keep me under control. But I'm not a lout and a thug like I've been painted.

'I play a hard game of hustle and bustle but I'm not dirty. I was just going for the ball.'

Mr Jolosa walked free from Newport Crown Court with an 18- month conditional discharge after breaking a rival player's jaw.

The judge said he should watch film of Gary Lineker, who never received so much as a caution during his professional career.

Mr Jolosa admitted yesterday that he had not followed his advice. 'I treated the judge's words as a bit of a joke. I prefer action films.' And he claimed: 'If Lineker played in the same leagues as I do, then he would end up in the same trouble.'

On Saturday, Jolosa kicked off his new season with a new club - Abergavenny Thursdays, in the first game of the newly-created League of Wales. He was booked in the first half for kicking the visiting goalkeeper, then sent off in the 50th minute for charging the same player.