Terry Wogan dead: Remembering his legendary appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Signing off the show, he said: “I used to be Terry Wogan.”

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Sir Terry Wogan's hosting of the BBC's Never Mind the Buzzcocks is widely regarded as one of the best performances in the history of the entertainment show.

The veteran Irish broadcaster became the first ever presenter to get a standing ovation from the audience in 2010 and after the show, a Facebook fan page was even set up, titled: "When Terry Wogan hosted Never Mind the Buzzcocks". 

 “I think you all know why I am here,” Sir Terry said as he opened the show. “I could have been on Strictly Come Dancing, I could have been on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. But I wanted to put myself through the most degenerating and debasing show.”

Describing the star Katy Perry, Sir Terry said: “She kissed and girl and liked it. Then she kissed Russell Brand and seemed to like that as well for some reason. It’s equal opportunities tonsil jockey and California Girl Katy Perry.” His impression of XFactor judge Louis Walsh was also highly acclaimed. 

A producer of the show, tweeting after Sir Terry's death today, said that his appearance on the show in 2010 was "one of the best we ever did - no rehearsal, just turned up, tweaked the jokes and completely smashed the show". 

He added: "We only recorded for an hour and it was the only time we had a standing ovation in the studio... also after the script meeting, he insisted on eating his dinner with us in the production office so he could meet everyone. 




The stand-up comedian Phil Jupitus said to 5 Live: "The [Terry] Wogan show, with all due respect to anyone who has hosted the show, was my favourite two hours in a television studio. You are on telly with someone you used to watch as a kid and that was the difference for me.

"I think he gave it an extra bounce and it was the only time we've had a standing ovation in the audience."

He signed off the show by saying: “I used to be Terry Wogan.”