Remote, rugged headland is often shrouded in mist

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The Mull of Kintyre is a mountain coming out of the sea, rising to 1,400 feet at Beinn na Lice within a mile of where the rocks emerge from the water. The remote, rugged headland lies at the southern tip of Scotland's Kintyre peninsula and is often wreathed in sea mists, writes Nicholas Schoon.

It is a place everyone has heard of, thanks to Paul McCartney's late-1970s hit record. His celebration of the Mull's wild beauty sold 2.5 million copies and he still owns an estate close to Campbeltown.

There are few visitors. Inverary, at the northern head of the peninsula, is over an hour's drive from Glasgow and from there it is still some 80 miles down to the Mull. For the last six miles a very narrow road winds across the headland before dropping steeply to an old lighthouse by the water's edge.

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