Resistance to TV chief increases

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LIBERAL DEMOCRAT MPs yesterday joined Labour demands that Michael Green, chairman of Carlton Communications, be ruled out as the next chairman of ITN after his private company's donation to the Conservative Party.

Simon Hughes and Alex Carlile were among more than 70 MPs who signed an Early Day Motion stating that the group 'mindful of the statutory requirement of Independent Television News to maintain strict political independence and impartiality, views as unacceptable the appointment of Carlton TV's Michael Green, a declared supporter and donor to the Conservative Party, as ITN's next chairman'.

Mr Green's private company Tangent, which holds most of his 40 per cent stake in Carlton, the new London television franchise holder, donated pounds 15,000 to the Tory party last year. Mr Green has been tipped as the likely chairman of a consortium bidding to take over the financially troubled ITN.

The motion 'calls upong ITN's ownership consortium to recognise the importance of keeping ITN's name free from party political taint'.