Robot finds mysterious relics in pyramid

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MORE mysterious relics have been discovered deep within the Great Pyramid in Egypt, writes David Keys.

The announcement follows revelations in Monday's Independent that artefacts unknown to modern Egyptologists were discovered by a 19th-century British explorer inside Egypt's largest pyramid.

Now a German team - using a tiny robot to explore parts of the pyramid inaccessible to humans - has discovered strange relics inside an 8in-wide shaft.

Scientists - from the Munich-based Upuaut Project - have so far only been able to view the items on a screen connected by wire to a tiny video camera carried by the robot.

Four objects have been detected in the gloom of the shaft. They are:

A hook-like metallic object that may be a model surveying tool called a pesesh-kaf. The tools were used by priests to open the mouths of the dead to enable them to 'breathe' in the next world;

A small wooden object which may have been the handle to which the pesesh-kaf was attached;

A 1.5m rod, perhaps a measuring device;

A white mysterious box- like object.