Royal Commission on Criminal Justice: Signature 'followed threats'

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ROBERT BROWN, 36, has served 17 years for the murder of Annie Walsh, who was bludgeoned to death in her Manchester council home, writes Heather Mills.

Although he maintained his innocence at his trial, he was convicted largely as a result of his own confession to police. But Brown maintains he only signed a confession after long hours of police interrogation, threats and assaults.

Lawyers and justice campaigners say the confession is full of inconsistencies - it did not match accounts given by two witnesses who saw Miss Walsh shortly before her death; his account of eating biscuits with her did not match pathology reports showing she had had fruit and meat, and bags he was supposed to have taken were still in her house.

Those who have investigated the case for the television documentary, Scottish Reporters, have also unearthed new evidence from a woman who now says she was mistaken when she said Brown had turned up at her flat in the early hours with blood on his clothing. His lawyers now hope to have the case re- opened.

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