Sainsbury backs down again over packaging

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SAINSBURY has backed down for the second time in as many weeks in the battle between the supermarkets and branded goods manufacturers, writes Rupert Bruce.

The supermarket chain has agreed to redesign its Full Roast coffee jar after complaints from Nestle about the similarity between it and the Nescafe jar.

It comes two weeks after the climbdown over Classic Cola when Sainsbury agreed to redesign the graphics on its can after protests from Coca-Cola.

A company spokeswoman said: 'This was decided after Nestle came to us with concerns. It is our policy to have an open and frank dialogue with our suppliers on packaging.'

The shape of the Sainsbury jar will be changed slightly, the position of the red mug which appears on both jars will be moved, and the background colouring will be altered.

The spokeswoman said these changes had been agreed some months ago, 'long before this came on the political agenda'.

Several leading branded goods manufacturers - including Unilever, Allied-Lyons, Kelloggs and Mars - are trying to persuade the Government to tackle the issue of copycat brands in a review of trademark legislation which is currently going through Parliament.