Satan case 'priest' gets life for killing

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A SELF-STYLED 'high priest', who killed a gay councillor in an argument about witchcraft and Satanism, was jailed for life yesterday.

Colin Henry, 37, a joiner, described as a 'bonded high priest' in a witchcraft cult, was convicted of murdering Christopher Rogers, 40, the deputy chairman of Manchester City Council's education committee. Mr Rogers was stabbed twice in the chest after he dressed up in women's underwear and bragged about his bondage exploits, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

The jury was told Mr Rogers had gone to spend the weekend at the home of Henry and his lover, Paul Simmonds, in Carlton, Nottinghamshire.

Peter Joyce QC, for the prosecution, said Mr Rogers had changed into a red basque, black suspender belt and stockings. Then he put two pornographic videos featuring bondage scenes on the television.

Later in the night, Henry went downstairs to the living room where Mr Rogers was sleeping on a sofa and stabbed him with a six-inch sheath knife, shouting: 'You'll never call me stupid again.'

Henry, twice married and the father of a son, said the killing happened after Mr Rogers had belittled his beliefs in witchcraft and tried to convert him to Satanism.

Mr Simmonds told the court that Mr Rogers had indulged in sado-masochism. The cellar at his home in Levenshulme, Manchester, had been converted into a torture chamber.

The court was also told about self-inflicted injuries found on Mr Rogers' body. Professor Stephen Jones, a pathologist, said the injuries indicated he had gained pleasure from pain. Floral patterns, made with a pin, were found around his nipples and marks on his back and buttocks were caused by a wire brush or the tip of a knife. He had also been branded.