Independence referendum ups record political bet, now stands to collect £1 million

The man, who places his bets in south-west London, has doubled his original £400,000 stake, which was already the biggest political bet ever placed

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Short odds haven’t put off one William Hill from increasing a bet that was already a record — and the anonymous punter is set to win £1 million if Scotland votes no in the referendum on independence.

One customer has now bet a total of £800,000 on the vote, and stands to win £1 million if the Scottish people reject independence on September 18.

The punter had already placed the biggest political bet ever, placing £400,000 in June 2014.  He then increased that £600,000 in early August, at the same William Hill branch in south-west London where he has placed all of his bets.

The middle-aged businessman, who has remained anonymous, is not a Scot and will not have a vote in the referendum.

The bookmaker said that it has taken almost £2 million in bets. William Hill stands to win over a million pounds if there is a Yes vote, and lose a six figure sum if there is a No vote, a spokesman said.

“Since the first TV debate, support for a Yes vote has almost ceased completely while we have continued to take hefty bets for No, for which we now have a substantial liability,” said Graham Sharpe, media relations director at William Hill.

William Hill widened its odds on a No vote to 1/5, after being as long as 1/10, on Saturday.