Scotland independence TV coverage: How to watch what the Scots are seeing

Your guide to tomorrow's coverage

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From Westminster’s big beasts speculating wildly in Edinburgh to local analysis from Kirkcaldy Community Radio, the drama of results night will be delivered across every possible platform to an international audience.

Both BBC1 and ITV have settled on the title Scotland Decides for continuous coverage and analysis which will run through the night from 10.40pm to 6am.

Huw Edwards anchors the BBC programme, with political editor Nick Robinson and Scotland 2014's Sarah Smith providing expert commentary.

Representatives of the polling industry will face a grilling as each of Scotland’s 32 authorities declare first turn-out figures, then results, while Jeremy Vine entertains with his bag of virtual-reality graphics.


Alastair Stewart and Tom Bradby will steer ITV viewers through the night, whilst Sky News’ Decision Time: Scotland strategically positions Adam Boulton in Ingliston, Kay Burley in Glasgow and Niall Paterson in Aberdeen.

However channel-hopping viewers across the UK can opt in to the broadcasts those in Scotland will be watching, through their satellite EPGs or online streaming.

BBC One Scotland will revert to Scotland Decides The Result, presented by Glenn Campbell, Brian Taylor and Jackie Bird with Laura Bicker at the national count centre in Edinburgh breaking the latest news. As a new nation potentially emerges, the BBC One Scotland programme will report the reaction from Westminster, Cardiff, Belfast and other locations around the world.

STV, which hosted the first televised debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, is running an all-night results programme from 10.40pm until 6am, hosted by political editor Bernard Ponsonby and Aasmah Mir, joined by a panel of leading politicians, commentators and analysts.

The coverage, broadcast by ITV Border Scotland, will be available to viewers outside of Scotland who can watch through the STV Player, however the web streaming service failed to keep pace with the numbers who wished to access the debate.

National and local radio will play its role too, not least Kirkcaldy Community Radio in Gordon Brown’s Fife base. John Murray, station chairman, said: “We can’t cover the results overnight but we’ll be using all our resources to bring the latest to listeners from the breakfast show onwards.

“The word on the street in Kirkcaldy is it’s too close to call. I’d best go now as I’m in the middle of presenting the lunchtime show.” The station can be heard outside Fife at

Channel 4 offers Scotland In a Day, a spoof documentary capturing “Scotland's Day of Destiny” starring John Hannah, while Channel 5’s late-night programme about debt collection, Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It All Away, may be interpreted as a coded warning from London to Alex Salmond.