Scottish independence: ScotRail carriage vandalised ahead of referendum

Artists painted 'Alex Salmond waz here' underneath a less than positive opinion of Better Together leader Alistair Darling

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Two graffiti artists’ work have caught the attention of social media after scrawling “Alex Salmond waz here” underneath “Salmond, F*** Darling” on the side of a ScotRail train in Edinburgh railway station.

The work came to light after user ‘Dundeeheadz’ found an image of the graffiti and posted it on Instagram with the message: “If anyone’s not seen it Hahahaha ! #salmond #voteyes”.

A spokesperson for ScotRail confirmed one of their train carriages at Newcraighall was vandalised on 1 September, but that the carriage was moved to a depot for cleaning before being returned to service.

A ScotRail spokesman said: "We do not tolerate crime of any kind on the railway, and hope the offenders are brought to justice."

The graffiti is another sign of the intense emotions the Scottish referendum on 18 September is stirring.

Yesterday, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband all travelled north in a bid to persuade voters to stay with the union.

 Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP and independence movement, disparaged the leaders’ efforts, claiming they were “panicking”.

Meanwhile, pensions giant Standard Life warned they were drawing up contingency plans should Scotland leave the union, as the head of BP claimed the North Sea oil industry would be harmed by a Yes vote.