Scottish referendum: David Cameron rejects calls for UK-wide EU vote


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David Cameron has rejected the possibility of a Scottish veto in a UK-wide referendum on European Union membership.

The Prime Minister dismissed an argument from Scottish First Minister-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon that the UK should only be allowed to leave the EU if all four home nations vote in favour of such a move. Mr Cameron has pledged to hold an in/out referendum on the issue by the end of 2017 if a Conservative government is returned next year.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, he said: “We are one United Kingdom, there will be one in/out referendum and that will be decided on a majority of those who vote. That is how the rules should work.” Ms Sturgeon, who will succeed Alex Salmond as SNP leader and Scottish First Minister, said yesterday that for a vote to leave the EU to be valid, a majority of voters in each of the four nations of the UK must give their backing.

Separately, East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy is expected to confirm he will stand for the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party.