Scottish MPs call for hospital inquiry

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A HOSPITAL launched an inquiry last night into how a seven-month-old boy lost a healthy kidney in an operation to remove a defective one. Christopher McInally, of Carnoustie in Scotland, was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary last week to have a defective kidney removed but surgeons were reported to have removed the wrong kidney, writes Peter Victor.

The hospital launched the investigation yesterday after demands from MPs. Andrew Welsh, SNP MP for Angus East, said he was trying to learn the details of what had happened but his main concern was for the health of little Christopher, the child of two of his constituents.

'Obviously, in such a situation there must be an inquiry to find out what happened,' he said. 'The first consideration must be the child and hopefully he will recover. I will be talking to the family to see if I can assist them.'

Malcolm Bruce, Liberal Democrat MP for Gordon, called for an independent, external investigation to find out what led to 'this outrageous mistake' and to make sure it did not happen again.

Parents Lesley and Mark McInally, who also have a two- year-old daughter, Rachel, were keeping a vigil by Christopher's hospital cot.

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary said Christopher was in a 'satisfactory' condition but refused to give any further details.

Allan Reid, spokesman for Aberdeen Royal Hospitals NHS Trust, said: 'A full inquiry has already commenced into this very complex clinical case. The family concerned have expressed the wish that the hospital does not discuss the case with the media.'

Mr Welsh said: 'All our thoughts must be with Christopher and our hopes that he survives. In the long term there must be an inquiry and the findings made public.'