Sex claim woman 'had dress undone'

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AN OFFICE worker who accused a married man of sexually harassing her greeted him at her door with her dress undone, an industrial tribunal was told yesterday.

Carol Leather, 33, then invited Ian Coates into her flat when he called to collect her for an early morning hotel business meeting nicknamed the 'Breakfast Club'.

Miss Leather had also suggested that 45-year-old Dr Coates, a father of three, share her flat a month after he took up his post at Norwich-based patents agent William Jones, the hearing in Leeds was told.

Miss Leather is claiming unfair dismissal by William Jones, a firm which helps protect copyright on logos and trademarks. A claim of sexual discrimination was rejected as it was lodged too late.

Miss Leather, of Reading, Berkshire, had previously accused Dr Coates of talking dirty to her and fondling her. She said she was forced to transfer to the all-female staffed York office to escape his attentions.

The tribunal was told that after moving to York in December 1992 Miss Leather, a science graduate, failed to meet work deadlines, spent an 'inordinately long time' in the office lavatories doing her make-up and spent up to an hour at a time telephoning her friends. She resigned six months after the transfer.

The case continues.