“Shoppergeddon” is coming to the UK and you can't escape it


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Just when you thought Black Friday's shopping madness was over, an angry mob of shoppers is set to take over the high street in what some are describing as a “Shoppergeddon”. Yes, you heard it here first.

The terrifying shopping frenzy is set to unravel this weekend, or to be more precise, Saturday at 13.55, making it the busiest and most stressful time of the year to go Christmas shopping, according to a new survey.

And it gets worse: over a quarter of Brits could suffer from "pavement rage" and nearly a third could experience anger towards other pedestrians.

Unfortunately, it seems that women are bearing the brunt of the Shoppergeddon epidemic with 50 per cent of female shoppers feeling frustrated as a result of congestion and long queues compared to 40 per cent of men.

But don't expect to see a re-enactment of Black Friday.

When it comes to dealing with pavement rage, women tend to be passive-aggressive, with one in five females (22 per cent), admitting to huffing and puffing at other pedestrians, whereas seven per cent of men would quit shopping altogether and head to the nearest pub if stressed.

But despite the pushing, the tears, sweat and frustration, the majority of shoppers surveyed by local product finder app Udozi, still prefer to shop on the high street with 11 per cent of participants admitting to feeling "excited".

Women are also more likely to get into the festive spirit, with nearly two  fifths of them experiencing happiness about buying gifts for themselves, friends and family compared to compared to just over one fifth of men.