Video footage has emerged which purportedly shows the moment a plane crashed at the Shoreham air show in Sussex.

Amateur video uploaded to YouTube by Ray Kemp shows a plane performing a loop-the-loop in the air.

As it completes the stunt, it nears the ground and disappears from view behind a line of houses, before a large fireball and dark clouds of smoke erupt from ground level. 

The person recording the footage is heard saying "oh dear" repeatedly in shock at the scenes unfolding.

Seven people were killed in the accident in which the single-seater plane, believed to be a Hawker Hunter fighter jet, came down on a road and reportedly hit several vehicles.

Witness Rhys-Chrstian, 24, says he heard a "massive impact" from a friend’s garden just 500m from the impact site.




Drivers are being asked to avoid the A27, which has been closed in both directions. The Shoreham Air Show area has been evacuated.