Show offers new experience for Hendrix fans

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INTEREST in the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix - revived at the weekend by reports that investigations into his death 23 years ago are being reopened - may be further enhanced by a charity show and auction at Bonhams in London this month.

The auction house says it is the first comprehensive exhibition of photography, graphics and artwork relating to Hendrix (1942-70) - for many, the greatest guitarist of the rock era.

Among the exhibits, many of which have never been seen before, are images of him both on and off stage. They are being sold without copyright by Hendrix's estate in Los Angeles at prices ranging from pounds 50 to pounds 2,500.

One of the images - by Ed Caraeff - shows Hendrix setting fire to his guitar at Monterrey. He said later: 'The time I burnt my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar. I'd just finished painting it and was really into it.'

There are also shots of him behind the scenes: in one, he is in pensive mood before going on stage; in another, he is in his favourite place - bed - at his flat in London at the end of 1968. He once said: 'I stay in bed most of the time. That's where I write some of my best songs.' Several photographs show him holidaying in Hawaii where he loved nothing better than riding round in jeeps with blondes.

Shelley Warren of Exhibit- A, the exhibition's organisers, said: 'He wrecked more cars than guitars.'

The exhibition has been on tour for the past two years, and has been seen by 750,000 people. It opens at Bonhams on Thursday. All profits from the sale on 20 December go to Heart 'n' Soul, a perfor-

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More than 40 letters written by Greta Garbo, expressing despondency with her career, were sold for pounds 21,850 (estimate, pounds 15,000- pounds 20,000) at Sotheby's yesterday. At the same sale, a copy of Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover used by Mr Justice Byrne - the judge at the 1960 obscenity trial, and annotated by his wife - sold for pounds 4,370 (estimate pounds 800- pounds 1,000).