Sisters' fingerprints were found at house

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THE FINGERPRINTS of two sisters accused of murdering a bank clerk were found in the victim's house, the Old Bailey was told yesterday, writes Rachel Borrill.

Eric Milne, a fingerprint expert from Scotland Yard, told the court that he found Michelle Taylor's prints on the banisters and Lisa Taylor's on the front door of Alison Shaughnessy's house. 'They took to the powder easily which suggests they were relatively fresh, probably 48 to 72 hours old,' he said.

Michelle, 21, and Lisa, 18, of Forest Hill, south-east London, both deny murdering Mrs Shaughnessy, 21, of Battersea, south-west London on 3 June 1991. She had been stabbed 54 times. The prosecution alleges that Michelle killed Mrs Shaughnessy because she was having an affair with her husband, John.

Mr Milne said he examined the house on 4 June and found three of Michelle's fingerprints on the banisters. A print of Lisa's left finger and thumb was found on the inside of the front door. Mr Milne said they could have been made as she closed the door. Although the prosecution alleges that Lisa had never been to the house before the murder, she claims that three months before the murder she cleaned Mrs Shaughnessy's windows.

The trial continues today.