Smoking kills more women

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MORE women are dying of smoking-related cancers, according to figures published by the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys yesterday.

A total of 10,994 women died from lung, bronchus and trachea tumours in England and Wales in 1992 - a 1 per cent increase on 1991 and a 24 per cent rise since 1982.

But fewer men are dying from these cancers - 22,668 last year, a 3 per cent decrease since 1991 and a 15 per cent drop since 1982. Male deaths from heart disease also dropped: 79,182 last year, 3 per cent down on 1991 and an 11 per cent decrease over the past 10 years.

Breast cancer claimed 13,663 lives in 1992, a 1 per cent drop over the previous 12 months, but a 10 per cent increase since 1982.