Software gives tips on winning the lottery

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A COMPUTER program which goes on sale next month claims to reveal how to maximise the possibility of winning the national lottery.

Lotto Factory, developed by scientists to allow Australians to improve their chances of scooping wins Down Under, has been adapted to help Britons playing the national lottery from its launch on 19 November.

The lottery will offer a weekly jackpot of about pounds 2m for anyone who has chosen the six numbers between 1 and 49 which come up in a weekly draw, and a host of lesser prizes.

Lotto Factory includes a 'wheeling' facility which allows people playing the lottery scientifically to increase their chances of winning multiple prizes.

For example, if a player has selected six numbers which all come up, but has also entered five of the same numbers in different combinations in separate entries with the help of the 'wheeling' feature, he or she will be more likely to win the pounds 1,500 prize also available for having chosen five out of six of the winning numbers.

The lottery fiend can use the software to perform statistical calculations based on previous wins which will suggest the numbers most likely to drop.

It offers analysis to give the probability of multiple odd or even numbers coming up and will also calculate the most and least drawn numbers. For this it will rely on data, fed in by the user, of winning selections each week when the lottery starts in Britain and a databank of information about past wins in lotteries in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The software is available by mail order from Take That Ltd of Harrogate.