Standards which indicate quality

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A GOOD SCHOOL should have test and exam results which compare favourably with schools of a similar intake; its pupils' learning should be judged by their progress as well as their achievements; it should deploy funds to further its aims, and spend cost- effectively; it should be orderly both inside and outside the classroom, and should have good links with the community and industry.

Children should respect each other and should exercise responsibility; they should widen their experience by extra-curricular and cultural activities, and provision should be made for their 'spiritual growth and moral development'.

Teaching should have clear goals and be carefully planned; lessons should engage and motivate all pupils so that they can progress at an appropriate pace; test and exam results should be analysed and used to raise standards; frequent and useful reports should be given to parents.

Staff should ensure that pupils are not disadvantaged by their gender, race, class or ability, and pupils with special needs should be helped to make the greatest possible progress.

The head and staff should have well-defined aims which they put into practice and evaluate; there should be enough well-deployed, appropriately qualified staff.

Spending on books and equipment should be comparable with that of similar schools, and pupils should have enough space and enough specialist facilities.