Stars in their eyes

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What with the Macaulay Culkins of this terrible world raking in the millions before they're knee-high even to Tom Cruise, a child these days is more than a bundle of love and joy: it's an investment. So what better way to make sure that you get taken care of handsomely in your dribbling old age than to shunt your screaming youngsters towards a thespian career? MOMI, the Museum of the Moving Image, is offering the perfect first step to celluloid stardom, which you can fit your kids into before they crawl unwillingly back to days of double maths next month. The Hollywood Stars acting film school is open to children between the ages of 10 and 14 who have an aptitude for singing, dancing, comedy, impressions or doing magic tricks. If your child passes the audition, he or she will spend five days in character as a child actor in a 1939 Hollywood studio, while the parts of directors, teachers and chaperones are all played by MOMI's own excellent troupe of resident actors. The Hollywood producer is desperate to find stars for his spanking new smash-hit musical, and they could be wearing your genes - at the end of the week, the talented children will present their show at the Museum. Is your daughter the next Shirley Temple? Is your son the next Mickey Rooney? There's only one way to find out...

21-25 Aug, Museum of the Moving Image, South Bank, London SE1. Applications to Wendy Taylor (0171-815 1331), course pounds 80