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If you're still under the spell of Californian "horse whisperer" Monty Roberts (left), following BBC1's recent QED, then head for deepest Essex next Thursday when Roberts will be doing his animal magic in the flesh. The event is part of a whistlestop, two-date visit (he's in Henfield, Sussex on Wednesday) to whet our appetites for a longer tour in October. Roberts uses the startling "join-up" technique to communicate with the animals in their own language. Next week, he promises to persuade a variety of previously unhandled young horses to accept their first saddle, bridle and rider within 30 minutes. And it's not just animals who have benefited from Roberts's interpersonal skills. He's been credited with whinnying over troubled youths and has lectured to businesses. Who knows, before long, we could all be talking like the animals.

Henfield 30 Jul; Towerlands, Braintree (01684 594800) 31 July 7.30pm