Student in rape case says woman consented

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A STUDENT wept in the Old Bailey witness box yesterday as he rejected another student's allegation that he had raped her.

The alleged victim, 28 - studying educational psychology and languages for a university degree course - alleged that Toks Akinbode, 29, forced himself on her, had sexual intercourse against her will and told her she would be his steady girlfriend.

Mr Akinbode, from Clapton, east London, who is studying English, said she had consented to sexual intercourse. He said that he took her shopping and then they drove to his ground-floor flat in a Georgian house to collect his post.

'She said she had a cold and sore throat. I gave her a drink of orange squash and suggested a rum with some medication to warm her up. We were chatting in a friendly way and getting on OK. She gave me the jar of ointment and asked me to apply it to her back.

'I did and we sort of started kissing. We were rubbing each other. I was rubbing her neck. I was lying on the sofa and she was on top of me. We started making love.'

As they were having intercourse the woman said 'stop' and got up.

'She said it was too early. I wasn't wearing a condom,' he added.

He denied her allegations that he attacked her.

The trial continues today.