Despite the unfortunate timing, Londoners were still able to witness one of the moon's most stunning nights. 

Video from last night shows how the moon appeared at different stages from London's streets.

The event was particularly special being the first time in 30 years a supermoon and lunar eclipse have coincided. The moon is also described as a 'Blood Moon', appearing red in colour as the Earth scatters the sun's light. 

Watch below for Nasa's explanation of why the spectacle occurs:


The lunar event took place between the hours of 01:00 and 07:00, being at its reddest just after 03:00. 

Fortunately the weather was particularly accommodating last night, with clear skies to view the phenomenon. 

As a result of the rare astronomical event, tides are expected to be 50cm higher than a normal spring tide. Being at the closest part of its orbit, the moon's path means that Britain is braced for its highest tides in 19 years. 

Watch a timelapse of the Super Blood Moon here: