Taxi driver told of sex in cab

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A TAXI driver accused of raping a Spanish au pair allegedly told police he had had sexual intercourse with women before in the back of his black cab, a court was told yesterday.

Frank Welton, 25, of Kentish Town, north-west London, denies raping the 22-year-old woman twice on 17 February. When police asked Mr Welton if he had done this sort of thing before, he allegedly said: 'Yeah. You do it, it's happened loads of times,' Harrow Crown Court was told.

He allegedly told police he recalled picking up a woman in Wigmore Street, central London. 'I was just chatting with her, where she'd been, did she have a good time, laughing and chatting and stuff.' He said he stopped the cab and said: 'I'll get in the back and have a chat.' He admitted the woman made no move towards him as he sat opposite her and had not led him on.

The statement said he decided to make a pass at her and kissed her. 'Never once did she push me off so I thought I'm on, I've pulled,' he allegedly told police.

The trial continues today.