Taxi robber orders help for victim

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A ROBBER whose taxi-driver victim collapsed with chest pains radioed for help and then waited to give himself up to police.

The thief grabbed 58-year-old Derek Ost around the neck following a journey in Sunderland early yesterday, snatched his pounds 68 takings and was about to flee when Mr Ost fell ill.

The man grabbed the radio and shouted to the controller: 'I've just robbed your driver and I think he's having a heart attack.'

Mr Ost, of Plains Farm, Sunderland, who had suffered an anxiety attack, was taken to hospital but released after a check.

He said later: 'The lad was a villain to start with but he turned into something of a Good Samaritan when the chips were down.'

His wife, Emily, 62, said: 'I've got mixed feelings. I'm mad at the thief for hitting my husband, but he did call an ambulance. If he'd left Derek he might have died.'

A man was arrested and charged with robbery.