Teachers' Unions in Conference: Abuse case that ruined a career

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BOB, not his real name, a 42- year-old London teacher, married with two children, was accused of sexually abusing a child who was his pupil 17 years ago. He was arrested and suspended for 14 months before he was cleared. Now he is back at work.

He said: 'The picture I will take to the grave was on the night of my arrest. My wife was totally busted and crying her eyes out and I had to leave her. I do not know the effect that had on my children who were of an age to realise something was wrong. We suffered a great deal until the police dropped the case.'

However, the council then pursued its own investigation. 'Finally, one of the complainants came to the school, saw the present head and explained that everything was a pack of lies. Still the investigation went ahead.'

Bob was again cleared. 'My teaching career is basically over. Wherever I attempt to go a search will reveal that I was arrested in connection with child abuses.'