The Boyd league table

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THE Boyd report places the 21 pits under review in a league table based on long-term financial prospects. It assumes that working practices remain unchanged but efficiency is improved by newer technology and smaller work-forces. The list does not include the 10 most threatened pits which are subject to a separate study.

The rankings are from the top:

Maltby (Central region)

Hatfield (Central)

Prince of Wales (Central)

Frickley (Central)

Point of Ayr (North Wales)

Bentley (Central)

Rossington (Central)

Wearmouth (North East)

Calverton (Central)

Kiveton Park (Central)

Bilsthorpe (Central)

Silverdale (Midlands)

Shirebrook (Central)

Markham (Central)

Bolsover (Central)

Clipstone (Central)

Rufford (Central)

Sharlston (Central)

Bevercotes (Central)

Westoe (North East)

Easington (North East)