The Conservative Party in Blackpool: Quotes of the day

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'To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we've had to face every difficulty except popularity.' Sir Norman Fowler, party chairman.

'Many of us feel that the one-line sycophantic motions that appear in the agenda are not representative of the (1,200) motions in the party handbook.' Richard Stewart, Truro & St Austell CA.

'Eventually a diet of fudge turns the stomach.' Lord Tebbit.

'Why is it that these nice Liberals always end up wanting to bomb people. Bomber Thorpe in the 1960s; Bomber Ashdown today.' Malcolm Rifkind, Secretary of State for Defence.

'What a load of rubbish.' Unnamed representative on Sir Norman Fowler's speech.

'All that the Liberals know - or think they know - about the country is that you wear sandals in it.' Gillian Shephard, Minister of Agriculture.

'We can't have a prime minister with Heathite internationalist tendencies.' Richard Shepherd, MP for Aldridge-Brownhills.

TODAY'S AGENDA: Debates on education, home affairs, local government, social security, Citizen's Charter.