The Conservatives in Blackpool: Quotes of the day

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'They've dropped the cloth cap. Any day now John Smith will be into flared jeans.' Peter Lilley, Secretary of State for Social Security.

'I've been called a lot worse things than 'faceless' - 'heartless', 'ruthless', even 'fatherless'.' Peter Lilley.

'Captain Ashdown, that pied piper of pavement politics . . . and you know what the pied piper led through the streets.' John Patten, Secretary of State for Education.

'The silent majority have become the angry majority.' Michael Howard, Home Secretary.

'I've got a few more cliches to fit in.' Andrew Boff, of Lewisham, from the rostrum.

TODAY'S AGENDA: Housing, employment, the economy, health, industry and heritage.