The Conservatives in Brighton: Quotes of the Day

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I shall never forget the first time I kissed Margaret Thatcher. The words she said are engraved on my heart. She said: 'Get off your knees you clown'. Norman Hazell, Hemsworth representative.

Fortunately I have no economics degree to cloud my thinking. Patricia Morris, unsuccessful general election candidate for Oldham Central and Royton, opening the economy debate.

Even the Chancellor doesn't want to kick people in the teeth just for the fun of it. Andrew Marshall, Holborn and St Pancras representative, in the economy debate.

Why does he do it then? Heckler.

There's been considerable pressure on me to say 'I told you so'. Sir Alan Walters, former economics adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, at a fringe meeting. Oh, go on. Audience. All right, I told you so] Sir Alan.

The rumour is that if he opens a fridge he talks for 40 minutes. Norman Lamont on the alleged love of studio lights and sound bites of Gordon Brown, his Labour shadow.

He has been discharged into the community, and into the compassionate care of Michael Heseltine. Virginia Bottomley on Robin Cook's move to Labour's industry spokesman after four years shadowing Health.

Business today

John Major will make the leader's speech, which will be precededdebates on Sunday trading and party organisation.